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Seven Dimension Of Wellness

Wellness in humanity means more than the absence of symptoms and their related diseases, but it is fully appreciating and experiencing life without challenges. Notably, it involves all the process of living, achieving, and growing in life so that an individual can maximally experience the potential to being well being. hence, wellness is living life to the fullest without any form of intolerance (Hoeger, Werner, and Hoeger 12). Wellness in defining humanity are subcategorized in seven major dimensions upon which each dimension is fully defined and described. These dimensions include physical wellness, mental wellness, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness, occupational wellness, social wellness, and environmental wellness. In most cases, multiple dimensions of wellness often overlap as they work together in terms of reducing health risk factors and promoting human life thereby leading to life satisfaction. Additionally, they provide effective strategies for an individual to stay healthy by advising for adequate sleep, rest, diet, nutrients, and engaging in physical exercises as well as looking for a balanced family, work, and relationships (Hoeger, Werner, and Hoeger 12). Hence, fulfilling the seven wellness dimension means achieving a healthy and happy life. HypothesisThe hypothesis of this project projects that there is a fundamental need to relate and connect people with the environment so that they can foster positive human intentions. Methods Each of the groups that were identified in this study was to properly relate each of the seven dimensions can affect satisfaction in human life. For instance, different professions and ages, as well as health or conditional status, form the study group so that different relationship to each or a group of dimension to each of the participants.