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Sixth Sense Technology

All this makes up the technological device that has the ability to implement several applications thus showing its flexibility and usefulness.
With technology, an individual can zoom, pan, stream, draw and use freehand gestures. With the sixth sense technology, objects that would have otherwise remained in the real world have been integrated into the technological interface to be used. From the technological advancements that have been made, the technology is formed from other technologies (Gray, 12). Its technological capability is like no other since it is the fine and final product from a mixer of technologies. The sixth sense technology is efficient, economical, and very much portable.
With the technology, there is the ability for hand recognition, capturing and recapturing of images, it has a processing speed of very impressive speeds and is very much easy to handle and use (Gray, 12). To summarize the uniqueness of this technology, it is user-friendly. The technology also supports multi-user interaction and also has the ability to support multi-touch. This technology is one of the most advanced forms of computer-based interfaces that are bound to take technology to another level (Gray, 12).