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Smart Growth Anthony Flint

Planning for the growth of contemporary towns entails early preparation of its entire infrastructure. Urban developers focus on the developments of their towns in aspects that will enhance growth. Sustainability is a significant element during planning for the growth of cities. This is because planners succeed when they ensure that their infrastructure is sustainable. This also implies that appropriate leadership ensures that planning of any project benefits several people. This kind of leadership is likely to establish several policies that facilitate development of practical procedures. For example, the political leadership of a state could create policies that encourage its entire citizenry to acknowledge the value of development. Such policies include the establishment of commissions that focus on developmental issues. The commissions also identify suitable human resources that will ensure the design of creative plans (Randall amp. Weber 78).There is need for proper legislation that will enable the entire planning of modern towns to be effective. Such legislation is effective because it passes Acts that tend to support the growth of infrastructure. The presence of growth management plans is an essential inclusion in planning strategies. This is because the plans help experts to ensure there is a systematic execution of appropriate strategies that enhance development. These strategies include intentional initiatives that attempt to assess the potential development of infrastructure in several places. Others include the preservation of landscapes that is funded by transfer of taxes from estates. The issue of taxes is fundamental because it helps planners have adequate funds for their various operations. Insufficient funds tend to derail all the procedures that attempt to grow modern towns (Williams 49).Incentives are fascinating ways of encouraging both experts and citizens to