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Social Media and technology have had a positive effect on Teens and Students

According to (Charlie)Man has worked hard to improve technology consistently to do various tasks fast and effectively.It is a wide known fact that, everyone in this world is influenced by social media and technology. However the most people affected positively by social media and technology are the teenagers and students. Now that every activity in the world is controlled by social media and technology, its impact on teenager and student is worth appreciating. Since teenagers and students are continuously exposed to social media instruments and hi –fi technological gadgets, their very life is overly tuned according to it. If we look at the most influential social media which affects the teenagers and students positively, then we can name it as internet and cell phones.Social media is a phenomenon where in the people are able to communicate with each other predominantly with the use of online and technical communicative instruments. Even though, television, radio and newspaper do communicate with people in different ways, the effect which internet and mobile has on people is potential and humongous. Social media can be explained as the various online services available to people like social networking sites, web conferencing services, online chat services, forums and so on. Man being a social creature has always been inventive with regard to socializing methods. And ultimately through a long struggle and adventure, he has reached a point where things work on the movement of his fingertip. Now the whole world moves with the aid of social media and it has made the life of people more enjoyable, entertaining, creative and progressive.Social media is all about sharing thoughts and ideas, collaborating and joining together to be more creative and artistic, being commercial and vigorous, active conducting of debates and arguments, friend seeking and