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Social Media Assignment

SOCIAL MEDIA AND ITS USE IN MARKETING Part One My Smartphone has become a very integral part of my life as I use it in a number of ways every 24 hours. As a student, I have to search many things through the internet in my Smartphone and I must admit that it has been of great benefit towards my studies. Within 24 hours, I check my phone 19 times. I have to search for information when handling my class assignment or when doing my personal studies and I apply the use of Apps such as Google search, Opera Mini, Bing and U.C Browser to browse some study topics. I use my Smartphone for texting a minimum of 23 messages which is mainly through WhatsApp when passing information to my assignment groups or contacting friends, roommates and family members. This takes place mostly during my free time and when contact a classmate who may be occupied in class or in the library. I make a total of 5 calls every 24 hours with 3 to my parents and other family members so as to know how they are doing and to inform them of my progress in class. 2 phone calls to my classmates and instructors in when a need arises. I spent part of my free time chatting and updating my status on the social media platforms available on my phone such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and as a result of this I check my phone 10 times. I also use my Smartphone to check my emails and to send 2 mails per day to friends, family and for official purposes such as communicating with my tutors through Gmail. I update myself on the latest trends in music and fashion through videos posted in YouTube which accounts for 2 times in a day. Part TwoSocial media is a very strong and effective tool in marketing of products owing to the fact that the platform attracts many people especially the youth. I use my Smartphone to locate varieties of commodities. Through social media I am able to select the items that I need based on quality, color, price and brand. If how I use my Smartphone is to go by, then social media is very effective in the marketing of new products. Through the use of social media, companies have been able to make huge sales of their products as well as receiving instant responses in regard to the quality and nature of their products. The effectiveness of social media in marketing is seen on how it improves the loyalty of a given brand. Brands that engage in social media channels have been found to enjoy high degree of customer loyalty since it is a good platform to connect with the audience (Zarrella, 2010).The method is cost effective owing to the fact that one can access it through the use of their Smartphones hence very beneficial for small-scale business. The use of Google Analytics offers a very important means of measuring the effectiveness of social media as a marketing tool. Online marketers need to attach tracking tags to their social media marketing initiatives so as to ensure proper monitoring of their advertisements. Social media offers a means of creating permanent relations with customers which can go beyond business as people can initiate conversations that touches on social matters and not just focus on business alone. This tends to increase the strength and reliability of the marketing department in every organization. ReferenceZarrella, D. (2010). The social media marketing book. Beijing: OReilly.