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Statistical Applications in Criminal Justice Course Project

On the other hand, the standard deviations shows that the scoring on robbery is more dispersed than rape/sexual assault (Howell, 2008).In order to test the relationship between rape and violence, linear regression analysis will be used. This test will be used to establish if there exists any statistical relationship between the two variables, and if it exists, the strength of the model (Lee, 2006). This test is chosen because it is suitable in testing linear relationship between two or more variables. Regression models are also suitable in predicting the value of the dependent valuable using the predictor valuable. therefore, the scoring of robbery can be established in different scoring of rape. The results of the tests are as shown in the spss output below:Based on the results above, it is evident that there is a strong and positive relationship between rape and robbery. The R squired of 0.89 shows that the model rape/sexual assault is a very good predictor of robbery. In other words, the regression model is very good. The p-value is less than 0.05, which means that there is enough evidence to allege that rape/sexual is a predictor of robbery. Since the coefficients are positive, we conclude that the two variables have a positive relationship, which also means that an increase in rape/sex would lead to an increase in robbery (Heiman, 2010). The results from this analysis show that the rate at which rape happens has some implication on the rate at which robbery happens. Therefore, the incidence of rape can be used to predict the incidence of robbery at any given