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Strategic Plan of an organisation is a vital player in the success of an organisation if it is devised properly. The lack of clarity is the main reason why organisations fail to achieve their goals and objectives, regardless, of a strong strategic plan. It is a must, therefore, to analyse and ascertain all the factors of the strategic plan in detail, so that it may not have any vagueness.Most strategic management plans of organisations fail to provide the Human Resource perspective. Organisations considering their future plans and needs must analyse their strategic plans from HR view. Although, this analysis may not be an exact reflection of organisation’s future, however, it would certainly provide Management with certain feedback that can help them form pathways for the achievement of their strategic goals.Tualatin City is a part of Washington County that comes under the jurisdiction of Oregon State, in the United States of America. The city covers a total area of 20.2 sq. km with population amounting to 26000 citizens. The reason for its fame is the fact that tourists often pay a visit because of Bridgeport Village which is an upscale European-Style shopping area. The city is also famous for Tualatin River that flows in the northern part and a wide array of green belts and recreation parks (Tualatin oregon, 2012).The City Council of Tualatin City has devised a Strategic Management Plan for a medium term period which they termed as ‘Vision 2018’, with the primary objective of making the city a better living place for the residents and visitors. In subsequent discussion, we will have a look at the key strategic goals of the organisation followed by HR implications that would affect the successful achievement of these goals setup by the City Council of Tualatin City (City Council, 2012). Key Strategic Directions amp. Priorities: The key strategic priorities of City Council of Tualatin City for a period of next five years are: To provide better transportation facilities to the residents as well as the visitors. Reduce congestions and provide a separate track to bike and cycle riders. Also, expand the mass transit system and build new roads and bridges. Preserve and develop city’s natural and unique resources. This will include meeting all the stakeholders of the Tualatin River and building/updating banks and creeks over the rivers. It also includes preserving green belts and recreation parks present in the city. To ensure that residents are living safely and peacefully, within the boundaries of Tualatin City. This will include devising a community feedback mechanism, evaluation of safer routes to hospitals, schools and financial institutions and, introducing newer reforms in the police department. Continue with the current architectural plans of the city and updating them when required. Increasing recreational activities by providing sailing, boating and swimming activities across the river and increasing public art and plantation in the city. Increasing the economic viability of the city and look to provide a solid revenue plan for the city. This will be achieved by increasing policies pertaining to land and taxation. Also, a new marketing plan for the city needs to be devised which would attract outsiders and investors. Urban Renewal Plan for the South-Western part of the city needs to