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That being the Uniform Commercial Code’s Section 2 on Sales. I needed to mention this because a sales contract covers many aspects of law, and are governed by different laws. As a contract, it must be governed and validly enforced under the provisions of contract law.
First, the chart on slide 2 is indeed based on Exhibit 10.1, page 244 of the textbook, and states elements of a contract. This is slightly inaccurate, since the chart shows the essence of a contract and the steps for creation, rather than elements per se.
Second, the same chart is slightly off with regard to Exhibit 10.1, in the sense that sub-box containing the terms, "beween competent parties involving lawful subject matter". In the Exhibit the box is shown as a shared characteristic of both offer and acceptance, showing that this is an essential characteristic that must exist under both the offer and acceptance stage. In the presentation, it is shown only under the offer stage. Indeed this seems a small issue, but to be technically correct, should have been more accurate.
Lastly, under the list of circumstances when "a contract may be voided" under slide 6, the last point states that "lawful-not violating state, federal, or common law". This is in effect contradicting the topic at hand, because it states that a contract may be voided because it is lawful, when it should state that a contract is valid when it does not violate law.
What did you learn most about this topic that was unclear or unknown before
Contract law is always a multi-faceted topic, and states a number of new concepts and principles. This presentation helped me understand more of the definitions of the characteristics within the contract’s creation, such as negotiation, offer and acceptance, and consideration.
Were any of your questions about this topic left unanswered If so, what are they
There were some unanswered questions, which I stated above, relating to the aspects of sales in the presentation. Especially since the topic was sales contracts, the presenter could have economized more on time by minimizing the discussion on contracts and focusing more on sales.
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