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Taking Care of the Elderly

Moreover, this sets the foundation for recognition and appreciation of the role of the elderly in society. This can come from the fact that was it not for the elderly, we would be nowhere in society being as they gave birth to us. The case study is majorly about the elderly in society. Writing a reflective account on the same creates a basis for understanding the major issues that these people go through. It is important to understand that one of the contemporary issues regarding the elderly is the creation of elderly nursing homes. These homes are important from the fact that many people currently live very fast lives and are always up and working. This often has the people beyond 60 years lacking someone to take care of them at that age (Aveyard, 2007, 62). This has had people investing in nursing homes to take care of the elderly. This assists their kids in that they have a less burden when it comes to taking care of these people. One organization, in particular, is The Good Care Group in East London. This has assisted people of the province to multitask and get alternative means of income generation. It is important to review the running of this organization in an attempt to gain the entire scope of the manner through which it is run (Carnwell, 2009, 114). The organization was established back in the year 2006. A section of business people came together and decided to start the organization seeing as people of that community were undergoing a lot of suffering, spending the days at home and not having anything reasonable to do. Without anything to do, the elderly used to remain unattended to at home. However, after the mentioned strategies outlined by the business people, the elderly of London finally got an establishment that they would rest and receive the quality and quantity care that they deserve in their fragile age (Cowan, 2009, 108).