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Term project

In our classrooms, the power outlets available are few in number and their location on the room walls are not accessible from the seating positions of most of the 20 to 30 students in the class.To provide students with the possibility of extended use of smartphones or other computing devices in the classroom, we have examined several possible solutions to the problem of providing power outlets at each chair or desk. One convenient and practical solution is to provide external battery packs clipped to each chair / desk in the classroom to which the student can connect his or her smartphone or tablet for recharging. At the end of each day, the external battery packs can be plugged into a recharge cart for overnight charging. A report on the evaluation of this solution in comparison with various alternatives is attached.We request you to kindly grant permission for us to convert 30 chairs/ desks in one classroom with smartphone recharge outlets to test that the proposal is useful. Each external battery pack is estimated to cost under $ 100 and the recharge cart under $ 1,800. The total money to be spent is estimated at around $ 5,000, made up of $ 100 x 30 for the external battery packs, $ 1,800 for the recharge cart and $ 200 for miscellaneous small expenses. After the proposal has been tried out in one classroom, we can evaluate what improvements are needed and then extend to other classrooms. We expect to be able to complete the project for one classroom in 6 to 8 weeks.The smartphone has become one of the most frequently used personal electronic devices for internet access. A majority of high school students carry mobile computing devices to school and would like to use it in the classroom as an aid to their study process. Many educators also see a benefit in permitting the use of smartphones and tablets in the classroom.The major limitation of a smartphone is its limited battery capacity, which requires the