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The Experience of Working in Group for the Preparation of the Presentation

The preparation of the presentation was an interesting experience for all of the group members. During the preparation there came a certain point where we face problems in communication and coordination but fortunately, we succeeded to resolve all the issues easily and eventually we became able to attain our goal by presenting our work in front of the class on the due date and the soft copy was also submitted within the due date. The presentation was done very well. We all were very much satisfied with the work quality. After the initial submission, the teacher gave us feedback and we amended the presentation on the basis of the feedback and then submitted the final version.
Before initiating the task, we help a meeting where all of the three group members did brainstorming and finally we decide on the main features of our presentation. We decided the main aspects of the topic be covered and then distribute the work among us keeping in view the convenience and expertise of everyone. I decided to do the presentation part as the group members suggest that I would be able to deliver the presentation is a better way. The other two group members distributed the information collection, writing, editing, and proofreading task. I was also with them throughout the literature search and analysis, however, the final writing has been done by one group member and the other group member took the text from him and arranged that with the visuals in the slides.

All the group members had some personal issues that tend to have an effect on our group work and activities also. We all have different types of social settings like our lifestyles are different and our daily routines also have some major differences. One of the group members is a family man so he has to give adequate time to his family also and hence, he clarified that he would not be available for late-night sittings very often.&nbsp.