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The Importance of Ethics in the Field of Information Technology

Most of the service sectors and manufacturing units one way or other depends on IT for the modernization of their processes or strategies. IT is one of the essential components not only in the computer-related businesses, but it has an immense influence on other fields such as education, communication, health, transportation, manufacturing etc. It is necessary to keep certain ethical standards in every business activities and IT industry is also not an exception. One unethical behaviour usually leads to more such behaviours to hide the first one. The modern people are more conscious about the importance of ethical standards in everyday life and they are even ready to pay more for the products of the organizations which keeps ethical standards. Since our college has awide reputation over a period, any silly activities may result in loss of faith by the public in our institution. Violations of ethics in organizations may bring short term benefits while good ethical practices are necessary for the long term benefits. We have to analyze the ethical standards in our organization on this perspective. I strongly believe that as the Director of Information Technology, you will consider this report seriously and will take necessary actions to sustain the confidence the public have in our organization. When we talk about business ethics, usually were speaking about standards of behaviour in the workplace as well as with customers and partners. Companies are known for high ethical standards usually have an ethical code stating that they treat everyone with dignity, don’t present misleading information, and scrupulously follow rules and regulations. Moral behaviour needs to be embedded in a supportive social infrastructure that promotes consistent behaviour. (Adam Galinsky, 1994) Unethical behaviours often lead to unnecessary problems as far as an organization is considered. In the IT industry, intellectual property.