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The Majority Model of Democracy the Aim of Political Party in Power

The Consensus Model is to accommodate for the viewpoints of the other party /parties, even though they have lost the election are obliged to sit in the opposition benches. In this model, there is always room for the others. They believe, two heads are better than one. Lijphart throws more light of the functioning of such democracies and he comments, The alternative answer to the dilemma is: as many as possible. This is the crux of the consensus model. It does not differ from the majoritarian model on accepting that majority rule is better than minority rule, but it accepts majority only as a minimum requirement: instead of being satisfied with narrow decision-making majorities, it seeks to maximize the size of these majorities.(2) Working as per the guidelines of this model, the majority party does not believe that whatever it decides is correct. rather it is willing to believe and implement, whatever correct is there, belongs to all. The French system of government is a semi-presidential system. It greatly values freedom for citizens and at the same time sets the importance on the separation of powers. It is ruled by the Constitution of 1958. The French Constitution does not include a Bill of Rights. But the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen written in 1789, is stated in the Constitution. This declaration was the ignition point of the French Revolution. The motto of the French system of government is Liberte, egalite, fraternity, which translates as liberty, equality, brotherhood.