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The Marketing Strategies and Competitive Advantage

The inter-brand differentials while volume-based sales (10 pounds of Product each week) are given 10% of retail price while below it have 7% share making the intra brand competitions more acute.The marketing strategies are formulated by a business to achieve its business objectives in a specific market. Thackeray et al. (2008) suggest that the marketing strategies are designed to increase sales, and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for itself. The marketing strategies of Candy Flake and its extension of Chocofill are existent in the north east markets of US with a growing potential in southern Canadian markets. Therefore the marketing strategies for the business are developed in accordance with these markets where the business also keeps the scope of e-commerce sales in the international market open. Talke amp. Hultink (2010) suggests that the tasks and achievements of a strategy are based out of measured outcomes over a multiyear period with specific actions and tactical plans.The brands mission and vision statements are kept in mind while designing the plan. The objective of the business is to operate and fulfil the visions that have been set forth for itself. Further, Hallback amp. Gabrielsson (2013) argues that the marketing strategies are based on market dominance plans of the brand, where each phase of business includes different elements in its strategy formulation. The product of Candy Flake is been launched in the market and is in a primary phase of its business life cycle. Therefore the launching strategies would include the branding, pricing and distribution plans.The brand is the name of a product offered which implies a certain values and offerings to the market (Mishra, 2012). The mission of Candy Flake suggests the business wants to project as the major stakeholder in the US and Canada market and reap the benefits from the candy industry for next 5 years. The launching of the product have the objectives of creating an identity for itself.