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The New Health Unit

In order to achieve the mission, the health care unit has objected different objectives such as creating awareness, treatment, offering clinical services as explained later in this paper. The operations of the mission will specifically be in New Jersey in connection to other units designated in other countries on the same network. The unit will be set in the existing health center at the selected location in order to improve the services as demand rises, which are unavailable in the country. The new health unit is also set to act as a center for the campaign and awareness for advocating better health services and advice to the increasing cases of youth pregnancies. Teenage pregnancy is a real threat to society in terms of the social and economic development status quo of the people and their existence. The problem has caused many cases of maternal death due to lack of better health cares in such cases. However, the problem occurs for lack of awareness and pieces of advice to young relationships such as sexual education in order to avoid the unplanned pregnancies. This results in many families from riches to rags and eventually begging since the parents of the children were not prepared for their task ahead. The real solution of the spread of Teenage pregnancies lies within each one in the country to participate in its eradication, which will be through education of sexual consequences. It’s very much sure that women are infected at a younger stage than men. In this case, teen pregnancy has become a priority of the New Jersey state. This is because of its complexity as they expose themselves in the poor social and economic conditions. This status includes low attainment of education, overcrowded or inadequate housing, language barriers, literacy, and violence in the families, negligence, and gang abuse. The teen pregnancy also causes their involvement in crimeor in gangs as part of its risks.