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The Nicotine Effects in Fetus

Smokers argue that smoking isn’t bad especially if they have the ability to have the ability to control the number of cigarettes they smoke per day may, therefore, claim that their habit is under control. But what happens when you become dependent? Cigarettes contain Nicotine which as you will read ahead causes dependence and makes it very difficult to give up the bad habit of smoking. What happens then when a woman who is addicted to smoking gets pregnant? Smoking is a habit that does not only harm us but anyone dependent on us. A fetus is dependent on the mother for everything! So whatever she puts in her body, directly affects the child growing inside her. Nicotine constitutes around 0.6 to 3.0% of the dry weight of tobacco. It is an alkaloid from the nightshadefamily of plants. Biosynthesis is constantlytaking place in the roots and leaves of the nicotine plant. It also functions as ananti-herbivore chemicaland has widely been used as aninsecticidein the past. Nicotine acts as a stimulant in even low concentrations that are equal to an averagecigaretteyield of about 1mg of absorbed nicotine. This property is the main factor responsible for the dependence-forming effects oftobacco smoking (Siegmund,Leitner, and Pfannhauser). Statistics show that in 2009 the world population added up to 6.8 billion people out of which about 1.35 billion people smoke, which means that approximately 20% of the world’s population, is polluting their bodies with nicotine. In the United States of America, 26% of the Caucasian men and 22% of the Caucasian women, 29% of the African American men and 21% of the women, 24% of the Hispanic men and 12% of the Hispanic women, 24% of the Asian men and 12% of the Asian women, and 41% of the American Indian men and 41% of the American Indian women smoked (Quit Smoking Hub).When talking about smoking, the general perception is that men smoke a lot more than women and only a small negligible proportion of the female population smokes. Such a perception exists due to many conservative stereotypes that are associated with the image of a woman.