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The policy regime that governed the expansion of the electricity system in the last century is a barrier to decarbonisation

In Ontario, several policy regimes were created in the effort of achieving decarbonisation. In this essay, I will examine the policy regime that was enacted by the Ontario government, as well as, how they have helped and diminished the achievement of clean electric energy in the province.In Ontario to ensure that there were appropriate regimes to run the introduction of the clean energy and to avoid competition, the government enacted the Ontario Power Authority in 2004. The Act was enacted to conduct autonomous electricity system planning and to procure electricity resources. Although the policy regimes were meant to end decarbonisation in Ontario, some of the policy makers were main profit out of the regimes (Winfield,2012). Instead of focusing on measures to decarbonize Ontario and ensure that there is clean environment focused on the market discipline and competition on renewable energy. In that, according to the Advisory Committee on Competition in Ontario’s Electricity System, the policy that was created was not intended to encourage renewable energy. The Committee further argued that Ontario customers needed electricity that was genera ted by renewable resources where they would choose it in a new market that would be introduced. The politics in energy have been a great barrier in the achievement of decarbonisation. Therefore, to ensure that political polarization on renewable energy is reduced proper measures should be given to ensure that debates on renewable energy were not based on politics.Secondly, the policy regimes that were created in the last decade were a barrier to decarbonisation. Because instead of supporting renewable energy in Ontario the government was delaying the opening of electricity by maintaining the introduction of market and competition forces, which were all needed to promote renewable energy (Pond,2009). The government did not consider that by delaying the regimes in the province they were causing many