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The Relationship between the 12Point Essay and the 500Word Essay

Compose a 12-point essay and explain the relationship between the 12-point essay and the 500-word essay The 12 point essay would be the outline of the full 500 word essay. It will be divided into 5 paragraph namely introduction, body 1, body 2, body 3 and conclusion. The introduction will be composed of an attention getter, thesis, definition of terms, enumeration of arguments contained in the body that will support the thesis and transition statement. The three bodies will elaborate the arguments that will support the thesis and finally, the conclusion will recapitulate the arguments and state parting statement that supports the thesis. It will be outlined as follows.I. IntroductionAttention getterThesisThree Arguments to support thesisTransition statementII. Body 1 to support argument of thesisElaboration of argumentIII. Body 2 to support argument of thesisElaboration of argumentIV. Body 3 to support argument of thesisElaboration of argumentV. ConclusionRecapitulation Parting statementAfter writing this outline, it will now be easier for me to write my 500 word essay because I can now organize my thoughts in a coherent way. All I have to do is to fill in the blanks in the structure to write an essay that is well structured, logical and coherent. Doing this kind of 12 point essay before doing the 500 word essay is not only beneficial to me but to the reader as well because they can easily follow the flow of my thoughts and being such, could easily understand me.