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The Significance of FastFood to Young Persons and Possible Health Consequences

The previous chapter identified the objectives of this research project, including the creation of understanding behind the motivations for fast food consumption and the influences that drive this behavior in the UK. In addition, it is important to identify the various dietary implications of fast food consumption from both a professional and clinical perspective and empirical evidence. At the same time, it becomes crucial to highlight whether the fast food industry is responding to social demand for better and healthier food products in order to fully understand the potential outcomes for fast food companies.The fast-food consumer is characterized by a wide variety of market demographics from the working-class consumer to the more affluent patron. This appears to provide fast food companies with a much broader target market through whom to advertise fast food products. As this industry is not limited to one specific group of consuming customers, companies such as McDonald’s and KFC (two well-known brands) maintain the potential for revenues stemming from early youths, teens and young adults.Marketing efforts appear to be the primary catalyst for what drives youthful individuals in the UK to consume fast food on a regular basis. Boone amp. Kurtz (2006) suggest that with clever branding tactics and positioning strategies that appeal to their desired consumer segment, companies like McDonald’s have managed to imprint a demand for their products on a consumer market that did not even recognize they had a need. For instance, McDonald’s utilizes their I’m Lovin It campaign to appeal to lifestyle rather than generically focusing on their food quality or price point per item. Utilizing young and attractive models who experience social joviality and camaraderie over a bite of a McDonald’s sandwich illustrates that young consumers can grow and thrive with an evolving lifestyle brand (Morris amp. Bradnar, 2007).