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The Strengths of Partners in Health

Organizational culture: Partners in Health, is a nonprofit organization comprising of healthcare workers and professionals who share in its mission statement and goals. Its programs are steered by the board of Trustees (Partners in Health, 2009). Strengths: The strengths of Partners in Health lie in its building of partnerships with like-minded organizations. By using the expertise of the world’s leading academic and medical institutions, it has maximized on its ability (Partners in Health, 2009). Partners: Partners in Health, partners with various organizations like. COPE Project, PACT, Last Mile Health, Project Muso, Possible, and Village Health Works to deliver on its mandate. It gets funding from well-wishers and fundraising (Partners in Health, 2009). Through this examination of PIH, it is evident that there exist disparities in global health especially between the rich and the poor. However, noble and philanthropic individuals like Bill Gates have noted of these disparities and are at the forefront in supporting healthcare projects aimed at helping the poor just like PIH (Herper, 2011). Through his foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he has supported vaccination programs around the world (NEWSFOCUS, 2006). PIH and Bill Gates are examples of efforts geared towards a better, healthier world.