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The Tagalong Table A Product Design Overview

The Tag-along Table basically features a lightweight, very preppy design that allows its users to easily manage it even with minimal effort since it is geared towards elderly people. The design places open drawers underneath the table with elevated sides and fluid mechanical structure for easy and minimal effort in sliding the drawers and for tagging along of the product.With no doubt, this concept of a product is actually possible to render. The product is viable and can be made by the Just Add Glue workers who have certain limitations because there are already existing counter tables with drawers that are industry made by workers with basic molding tools. Although existing, these counters are made of driftwood and tiles which make these existing counter drawers hard to maneuver, not made for mobility, and are not geared for the elderly people. These existing counters are hard and heavy to open the drawers, and impossible to tag along because of the material.On the contrary, the Tag-along product is actually a portable counterpart of these kitchen counters that already exist. This can be produced by the JAG workforce since simple molding tools can produce the Tag-along table. The feasibility of this project is unquestionable as it can be easily moved along in the kitchen while storing all the kitchen necessities. It is lightweight which makes the target consumers, which are old people, taken into consideration.The target market is real because there is a need for elderly people to be effort efficient when they move about the kitchen. As seen in the Survey Results Analysis, there were actually real people who were willing to pay the average of 60$ from 67% of the senior respondents for the Tag-along Table product. These consisted of 47% who thought 60$-80$, 20% of the respondents who were willing to pay 40$-60$, These target market range from the 50-80-year-old elderly people in the suburbs of Eastern and Western Sydney.According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics In June 2010, there has actually been an increase in old people age 65-85 and above. The increase of 11% to 13.5% in the old people aged 65 is already a good basis to have the products geared for old people in Australia a sustainable idea.Since the main concern of 87% of the respondents was reaching for objects, existing competitors and almost the same products in the market are not much of a threat simply because existing Tag-along Tables do not include utility drawers and extra compartments geared for kitchen utensils. They are also usually marketed for camping and outdoor portability use. These Tag-along tables also do not mainly consider the need for elderly people to reach kitchen utensils, assist in their mobility even if they are physically weak.Market and Product PotentialSome recommendations for the product might include wheeled versions of the portable Tag-along Table for more and easier mobility. Having a very good technology in making its wheels stay put when already set makes the product stable with this suggestion. There are some considerations that should also be taken into notice. For example, if the product particularly aims for old people who are also physically disabled consumers, the drawers should not reach far bottom since it will give the old people a hard time accessing utensils in the far bottom of the tag along with a table, if such bottom drawers will be existent on the Tag-along Table.According to the survey, old people would be willing to pay the price range of 40$-80$, the product can already strive with such a market. On top of that, this product will also be an enticing buy for non-elderly people who would like to invest in portability, durability, and accessibility in the kitchen since it is not only old people who would consume this product with all its features. People who are saving space and living alone would also be interested in buying products that are space efficient, while at the same time easily to move with.