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The Understanding of Probability

Understanding uncertainty is part of human’s quest to gain much more confidence, particularly in a logical decision-making process. The uncertainty which means knowing just a little of what might probably happen triggers much wider and deeper understanding of the value of numbers among those concerned individuals who are trying to make certain decisions. For instance, computation of probabilities based on the actual random samples from an entire class or population can be viewed as much of a representation. This can be meaningful knowing the fact that drawing a sample from a certain population in which every entity has the equal chance of being drawn can be viewed reliably in explaining the entire sample.In this paper, I gave light on the value of probability which will fall to what Stein said, I wonder what would be revealed if a scientific study were done on the numbers (American Institute of Physics 1). In the same way, his realizations based on what he said, Now I feel comforted by the power of mathematics (Chang 2) had been emphasized based on the following articles:The baseball game is one of the most played games in the world. However, it is not just purely a game by design, but a rich area which paves the way to exploring more mathematical concepts and methods. Mathematical concepts and methods may vary depending on the level of information and data type.The two articles include the discussion of chance in which the baseball game will end up to the seventh series. Considering the assumption that the two teams have equal chances of winning, getting the value of probability of winning in the seventh game may sound not so complex. However, there are many factors to be considered to exactly model the probability of winning the baseball game in the seventh series. Considering that the two teams may not exactly have equal chances of winning due to the fact that the other team may just be exactly better.