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These training methods are

used as supplemental training to update the salesforce,


These training methods are best used as supplemental training to update the salesforce,

reinforce previous training, or to provide basic materials to be covered in more detail at a later date.

Question 1 options:


Behavioral simulations

Ease studies


During this step in the sales training process, sales managers may have to seek budget approval from upper management.

Question 2 options:

Assess sales training needs

Which one of the following key questions should be asked when evaluating alternatives for training?

Question 3 options:

Which method (or methods) and media are best suited for conducting the training?

Which method will require the least amount of time away from active selling?

Which method is the least expensive?

Which media is the most attractive to upper-management levels?

Perform sales training

Design the sales training program

Follow-up and evaluation

A sales training workshop devoted to communicating the importance of obtaining marketing information from customers would be aimed at teaching salespeople how to work with this type of buyer:

Question 4 options:

The sales job facilitator

The considerate

The hard bargainer

The socializer

The concept of repetition suggests that

Question 5 options:

as soon as possible after a sales training meeting, the sales manager should attempt to visit with each salesperson individually to reinforce what he or she has learned.

by focusing on information related to the most recent sales call the salesperson has made, a self-evaluation of his or her performance can result in improved future performance.

if a salesperson can draw on the enthusiasm generated by a recent successful sales call, he or she will be more effective.

sales managers should make a practice of holding coaching sessions after each sales call to help reinforce the suggestions given.

An immoral manager would most likely follow this orientation in meeting his or her organizational goals:

Question6 options:

Profitability within the confines of legal obedience and ethical standards

Profitability is not important, since the firm’s purpose is to serve the br / public’s needs

Profitability only, with no other goals considered

Profitability and organizational success at any price

With this type of influence strategy, circumstances are controlled to influence behavior.

Question 7 options:





Sales managers may use different influence strategies according to the situational demands. Influence strategies may be based on all of the following except

Question 8 options:





Which approach to leadership seeks to catalog behaviors associated with effective leadership?

Question 9 options:

Behavior approach

Attribute theory

Contingency approach

State of nature approach

Which of the following is not a suggestion offered to sales managers for developing their power bases?

Question 10 options:

Listen to your sales team’s wants, needs, and dreams.

Align the sales team with the firm’s corporate culture.

Meet key customers and industry leaders.

Use sales contests to motivate salespeople.

When a sales manager provides the salesperson with information about whether a desired outcome was achieved, he or she is using this coaching technique:

Question 11 options:

Outcome feedback


Cognitive feedback

Sharing information

Researchers have tried to determine the personality characteristics an effective leader should have by using the _______ method.

Question 12 options:

behavior approach.

properties method.

contingency approach.

trait approach.

_______ is associated with the right to be a leader, usually as a result of designated organizational roles.

Question 13 options:

Expert power

Referent power

Legitimate power

Reward power

This type of influence strategy is the only one that does not involve direct communication with the target of influence:

Question 14 options:





Which of the following is not a specific aspect of a transformational leadership style?

Question 15 options:

Articulates a vision

Provides an appropriate model

Fosters the acceptance of group goals

Is dictatorial