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This is an individual assignment You are to research an actual example of IT leveraging business advantage at an operational level

The presence of fierce competition and cost restraints in the present world economic scenario make a proactive approach to envision the future results beforehand and implement appropriate measures to achieve desired results and targets is absolutely necessary. In this report the role played by the IBM Corporation in developing such strategies to enhance multifarious businesses with hardware and software solutions has been studied. The latest innovative ideas implemented by this leader in automation and IT have been incorporated in the report. Practical implementation of an IT strategy by a leader in an online gaming industry has been studied and researched up to some extent from the results obtained by it after choosing a particular IBM product.Information Technology (IT) has grown at a tremendous pace in the last decade and has left no aspect of business or human life untouched. Banking, Healthcare, Education, The Stock Market, etc. are on the verge of being exclusively run using IT. The growth in the IT industry however has not been uniform, as advances in hardware and software development have been influenced by the exclusive needs and requirements of large corporation and governments. This has produced a haphazard pattern of growth in the IT sector and the experts in the field have initiated efforts only very recently to restructure it to be uniform, efficient as well as cost effective. Almost all businesses in the developed and the developing countries are being run using latest and the most modern aspects of IT.Institutions like banks, the hotel industry, fast food chains, fast moving consumer goods industry and others have surpassed their competitors by miles using IT to leverage their businesses. One such organization is the IBM Corporation which was the pioneering organization in ushering the computer age in this century.