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Topic 4 SG 1617 2122Please let me know correct answer and explain it !


Topic 4 SG 16-17, 21-22

Please let me know correct answer and explain it !

16. The strength of CMS lies in it having a __________________.

a. central repository for all contracts

b. dual strategy for all contracts

c. single strategy for all contracts

d. limited view into all contracts

e. cumbersome reporting capability

17. Understanding that when suppliers are also customers may not be a problem if the customer/supplier is the best source relates to which ISM standard for supply management?

a. Impropriety

b. Influence

c. Reciprocity

d. Sustainability and social responsibility

e. Responsibility to your employer

21. _______________ is a family of standards that provides guidance to companies on how to structure their processes so as to minimize harmful effects on the environment.


b. ISO 14001

c. FSC Certification

d. ISO 26001

22. Companies use standards and certifications like EMAS, ISO 14001 and FSC to ensure supplier compliance on _________________________________.

a. global issues

b. social issues

c. environmental issues

d. risk management issues

e. political issues

Supply Chain Management