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Topic 8 Knc 25Please let me know correct answer and explain it !SUPPLY


Topic 8 Knc 2-5

Please let me know correct answer and explain it !


MANAGEMENT : PROCUREMENT SUPPLY MANAGEMENT ( Supplier Evaluation and Selection )

2.When draft day arrives, which of the following are appropriate ways to define the deal and get a contract signed?

a. Reverse auctions

  • b. Negotiation
  • c. Competitive bidding
  • d. Buying consortiums
  • e. All of the above
  • f. Only A, B, C

3.A scorecard should measure . . .?

a. Performance on potential orders

  • b. Trends over time
  • c. The same metrics you used to select the supplier
  • d. How nice the supplier is
  • e. All of the above
  • f. B and C only

4.Which of the following is a valuable source of supplier information?

a. Current suppliers

  • b. Personal contacts
  • c. Directories
  • d. Trade shows
  • e. All of the above are sources of supplier information

5.Single sourcing is a strategy used by some organizations. Which of the following is not a benefit of single sourcing?

a. Volume consolidation

Supply Chain Management