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Trends and Marketing

The fast growing technological era is making it more and more difficult for old companies to stay afloat in the global market. Trends and marketing ideas tend to change for the better in these organizations so as to allow for their existence. Organizations should create room to grow with their customers, and evolve to prevent the collapse of well-established corporations. In order to make this happen, corporations and companies are required to put in their all if they are to prosper in conducting business, globally. Adopting new ideas about how to market and program a business franchise will determine if an organization is ready and willing to go that extra mile for their customers (Capon amp. Hulbert, 2007). This paper will examine such a scenario, and offer other ways in which an organization can improve its sales, and revenue.Case study Deluxe Financial Service is part of a two billion-dollar firm that serves over 8000 banks and financial institutions. Founded in 1915, it became a global phenomenon and its growth is considered an inspiration by many organizations. As it started, many people relied on some of its products to conduct business. However, as technology grew, it was considered old to use some of their products, and services. To prevent their organization from falling, the managing heads decided to rid themselves of everything that was old, and tried to focus on the future (Hartley amp. Clancy, 2005). Their paper checks were facing the challenge of the use of credit and debit cards. Deluxe decided to offer their consumers what they truly desired. They decided to be the financial institutions robust competitors, while promising their consumers to be their most valued, trusted business partner. Learning about consumer wants and needs became their marketing strategy. As that knowledge was put to the test, Deluxe was at an advantage over their competitors, and at par with their consumers (Hartley amp. Clancy, 2005).The retail experience financial institutions offered their clients were not appealing. Deluxe decided to take this up a notch. This changed the manner in which Deluxe conducted its business. Customer relations were increased because most of the customers claimed that, in their financial institutions, customer relations was a problem. Deluxe could assist financial institutions with customer relations, and at the same time, provide them with retail experience they so desperately needed. As these strategies came into play, Deluxe managed to be a powerful organization as it became a trusted companion to many financial institutions, and still a global phenomenon (Hartley amp. Clancy, 2005).Ways organizations can improve sales and revenue An organization can target new consumers. This is a strategy that could benefit them should they decide to scout the market for new consumers with different desires. By deploying a comprehensive sales strategy, an organization is likely to become more competitive (Shaughnessy, 2004). This can help improve their sales and revenue they rake in at the end of the financial year. Through collaboration, an organization can achieve speed in the market. The addition of partners is crucial in enabling the organization product-offering more relevant. They can reach a wider base of consumers through partnership, which can assist in the mitigation of risks (Shaughnessy, 2004). Moreover, evaluating members of an organization’s sales team can help reduce the organization’s weak links. By replacing them with working professionals, it would be easier to penetrate the market with working ideas that increase revenue and sales. In conclusion, to perfect the art of sales, it is vital for one to understand the needs and wants of the consumer (Capon amp. Hulbert, 2007). Strategies need to be implemented for there to be a constant growth in sales and revenue. This is the right move for an organization that needs to evolve with their consumers, hence. being the best in their field while ensuring customer satisfaction.ReferencesCapon, N., amp. Hulbert, J. M. (2007). Managing marketing in the twenty-first century. New York: Free Press.Hartley, K., amp. Clancy, K. J. (2005). The check’s in the mail: The transformation of Deluxe Financial Services is the stuff of business legend Retrieved from Shaughnessy, M. (2004). Sales secrets: Proven strategies for increasing sales. London: Macmillan Publishers.