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Unit 4 Group Project

How Good a San Diego is to Live In The of San Diego, popular as America’s finest has a mild weather throughout the year with the temperature never soaring or dropping to either side of extremes. The population of over 1,225,540 indicated that people consider this city as livable. So, what constitutes livability? Livability is the defining factor for any community looking to sustain in this constantly changing world. (Cultivating Creative Communities. Local Solutions – Global Success. Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Charlotte Marriott City Center). When a person looks for a place to settle down, he or she will consider several aspects before taking a final decision to relocate to that area. The top priority goes to factors like availability of career opportunities, nature of climatic conditions, status of crime rates, cost of living, educational, healthcare, transportation and entertainment facilities etc. These days, people are much conscious of the environmental concerns also and, therefore, like to live in cities that are pollution free. If one analyses the conditions in the city of San Diego from these perspectives it will come to fore that this wonderful city not only fulfills most of the conditions that make it a good dwelling option, but also has several other features that enhances it livability.Economic aspect is the first consideration for a person before taking a decision about the city he or she chooses to live in. People usually perceive economic stability as the criteria towards a better way of life. Therefore, a city that offers ample career opportunities will attract people who are talented, and they in turn will contribute to its progress. San Diego’s status as a blend of prospering industries like biotechnology, biosciences, computer and electronics, wireless cellular, submarine and shipbuilding, financial business etc make it a hot favorite of skilled workforce. This aspect enhances its acceptance as one of the most livable cities in the US. Next basic consideration for a person while choosing a city to live in is the educational avenues available there. In this context, San Diego features the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), which offers high quality education with state of the art technological support. Apart from this, there are several other accredited schools and colleges, including law schools and museums. Located in beautiful Balboa Park, the Museum of San Diego History presents the colorful and diverse history of the region, interpreting San Diegos growth since the 1840s. (Museum Locations).Another consideration that determines the livability of a city is climatic and environmental conditions along with housing facilities. The climate in this city remains pleasant throughout the year, and it never touches the extreme of hot or cold. Environmentally, it is a good mix of nature and technology. both staying complimentary to rather than conflicting with each other. The city is a good mix of choice in terms of housing facilities. The city appears to be aggressively working to address the affordable housing issue through a variety of programs and initiatives. (America’s Most Livable: San Diego, CA. Overview). Whatever issues are to be settled, it is certain that with initiatives the leadership has in hand, these would be resolved in a manner that would further elevate the city’s status as a best choice to live in.To those who relish the aesthetic quality of nature, the city of San Diego appeals immensely due to its beautiful topography coupled with parks that offer pleasant sceneries. It also has 70 miles of pristine beaches which is a major tourist attraction. The Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, nearby Wild Animal Park, Lego Land etc are only a few of the land marks that add to the city’s aestheticism. Another salient feature is the vibrant and diverse mix of different racial and ethnic groups that live in perfect harmony with Native Americans. Such a cohesive mixture is mutually beneficial to the entire community as it will help them to assimilate and learn the virtues of different cultures and acquire new values that would lead to a better spiritual life.Another important consideration while determining the quality of life in a city is the status of crime prevalent in the society. The city of San Diego records a low rate of crimes and has the distinction of being placed as the sixth lowest in the crime graph. The community seems to be participating actively in the prevention of crimes, and activities like Neighborhood Watch is a dominant characteristic here that ensures safety of the citizens. The city is also technologically well placed which adds to its mileage in prosperity. It also boasts of linkage to several freeways and highways thereby providing seamless flow of transportation. All these facilities promote the city as a substantial area of tourist focus. This, again, can be viewed as a major element in the steadfast growth of the city’s economy.Thus one can see that San Diego offers the best in terms of almost all aspects of human experience. It caters well for any individual who seeks quality life in a serene backdrop and also maintains a balance among various elements a person would expect in social life. Given all these characteristics, it is apparent that the city of San Diego is a best choice in terms of livability. However, humans being such a unique creation strive hard for perfection in every walk of life. Thus, though there is no absolute need for any drastic change in the present situation in San Diego, the future will see it evolving and emerging as a more sophisticated city in many respects.Work CitedAmerica’s Most Livable: San Diego, CA. Overview. Retrieved March 4, 2007, from Creative Communities. Local Solutions – Global Success. Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Charlotte Marriott City Center. 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