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Uniting heavens and earth

With the increase of scientific knowledge as it accumulates over time, there is more understanding of the natural world. Matters arising from politics, religion, ethics and esthetical judgments are in a general way away from science. Scientific knowledge is uncertain, that which is scientifically known only has some level of confidence backing it: a certain degree of probability. A lot of scientific ideas have gone through tests and have shown their reliability. These have been the closest to facts as any idea could be yet some are just hunches that are pending testing that will finally prove their probability. Yet there also exists the in betweens at every level. Science has the ability of being done poorly and being misused. There exist all forms of quackery, wrong advertisements, and forms of pseudoscience that have unconfirmed information being used as facts to prove or disapprove a huge range of mysterious phenomenon. The process of science is social as it is done by people working together in collaboration. The procedure, outcomes and analysis must be shared among the scientific community, and the public in conferences and other review platforms. In such forums, fraud, errors and oversights get exposed and true findings can be affirmed and confirmed. Due to the fact that it is being done by people, it also has its biases that can be addressed by the fact that it is open ( 2014). Isaac Newton’s work changed how humanity understands the universe in a manner simplified in three laws.