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Video Analysis on Love the Way You Lie

It also strongly implies the involvement of domestic violence in this relationship. Performed by hip-hop rapper Eminem and RnB singer Rihanna, both the song and its music video shows the perspectives of both parties.In both angles, it is clear that the two are experiencing a rough time. The relationship clearly shows how two very different people who are absolutely wrong for each other decide to stay together. This brings about a downward spiral in their relationship and just carries on to add fuel to the fire, as things spiral uncontrollably. Eminem and Rihanna, representing the voice of the couple in the relationship, is evidently having an extremely outrageous and difficult time in trying to fix a relationship that was never meant to bring any good.Both Rihanna and Eminem are currently two of the highest chart-topping artists and performers of the previous two decades. They are among the most influential people in pop culture that continues to bear a great impact on teenagers and young adults worldwide and inadvertently, both have played very public roles on the opposite ends of their own personal violent relationships. Eminem, a renowned rapper, emerged to prominence and fame in the later year of the nineties with a succession of controversial and provocative albums, some wherein he has openly expressed and suggested through rap the dark emotions and sentiments of murdering his ex-wife.On the other hand, Rihanna originally comes from Barbados has just recently endured a very public attack by her ex-boyfriend and RnB singer Chris Brown.