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What if anything stabilizes identity in the contemporary novel A Critical Exploration

This essay analyzes that Everett is obsessed with the conflict between the identity that the white society imposes on his black ethnicity and his self that emerges from the ruin of his blackness in the postmodern context. This conflict forces him to the doubling his self in the novel. It is evident that Monk does not succumb to his Pseudo-identity that brings him huge success as a writer. Monk did not quit once he received the success. Rather the meta-fictional structure that he employed in the novel is continual of the fact that the reality described in “My Pafology” reflects the black, but it is the reflection in the mirror of an artist who is the sole decider to shape the reflection. Everett also asserts that the real identity lies in his readers’ reflection and the identity what Monk chases after throughout the novel is affirmed in his increasing self-awareness that emerges through his conflict with the white ideals for black identity.
In conclusion, the identity issue in the contemporary novels including Everett’s Erasure occupies the decomposing part of the African American identity. In these novels when the race-based and ethnicity-based identity perpetuates the freak between the main body of the dominant culture and the culture of the minority, authors decry these discriminations. One of the striking features of Everett’s Erasure is that the novel “collapses the relation between race and writing into precisely the kind of label that both Everett and his character resist”.