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What is the correct order according to project management in the scenario?You have been selected as the


What is the correct order according to project management in the scenario?

You have been selected as the

Project Manager for a complex project. The project sponsor and steering committee have expressed concern that the project planning cycle be well organized and conducted. They have asked you to develop a plan for planning. You must design a preliminary package of logical steps in planning the project and the initial subprojects and present it to them.

You will find a list of 24 activities for planning a program on the following page. Prioritize the list according to what you believe the proper sequence should be. You may list additional activities if necessary.

NOTE: You may list these activities in a linear format (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) or you may decide to create logical flow showing what activities may be accomplished in parallel. Some activities you may want to list more than once.

1. Develop Project Risk Plan

2. Authorize Subprojects to Begin Work

3. Using RAM, Identify Control Accounts and Subprojects

4. Develop Top-Level WBS and WBS Dictionary

5. Identify Project Planning Team

6. Decide on Basic Approach/Solution

7. Manage the Project

8. Set Project Standards, Guidelines and Reporting System

9. Subprojects or Control Accounts Accomplish Detailed Planning – Scope, Schedule, Resources, Budget, Risk

10. Finalize and Implement Mobilization Plan

11. Develop Project Scope and Statement of Work

12. Project Reviews the Subproject Plan

13. List Major Deliverables, Compare to SOW and WBS

14. Set Project Mission/Objectives

15. Determine Organizational Breakdown Structure

16. Estimate Resource Requirements

17.Develop Master Schedule of Deliverables and Supporting Activities

18. Establish the Project’s Baseline (Scope, Resources, Schedule, Budget, Reserves)

19. Develop/Review Project Charter and Business Case

20. Top Level Cost Estimate Calculated and Target Budgets Established

21. Review Overall Plan with Major Stakeholders (Steering Committee, Sponsor, Customer)

22. Complete Initial Responsibility Matrix (RAM)

23. Analyze Alternate Approaches/Solutions

24. Negotiate Subproject and Control Account Project Authorizations

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