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You are executing your plan for a new product development project Your project is running smoothly You


You are executing your plan for a new product development project. Your project is running smoothly. You

are meeting the customer’s expectations, and delivering on time and on budget. During a status meeting with Senior Management about the status of your project, they are very happy about your progress and ask you to successfully end your project one month earlier than planned in order to beat the competition to market. What is the best response:

a) You want to be sure you keep the Senior Managers happy with you so that they consider you for the next promotion opportunity. You tell them you will work with the team to get a new schedule in place to meet the earlier date.

b) You tell Senior Management that this is a change to the project and needs to be documented in a Change Order, analyzed for the impact to the budget and scope, and reviewed by the Change Control Board before you can confirm if it is feasible and any additional budget required.

c) You tell the Senior Management that you understand the importance of this request and that you need a couple of days to research the schedule and plan to determine the feasibility of the request and will get back with them.

d) You realize that getting to market faster than the competitor is critically important to the business, so you agree to deliver the project earlier and will work with the team to figure out a new schedule to get it done.

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